This workshop is a professional Architectural and Interior photography course design for whom to prepare him or herself as a full-time professional Architectural and Interior photographer or as a moonlighting pro in his or her own spare time.

The course will take place in the Kaohsiung City of Taiwan, in six solid days work with the instructor on actual locations, outdoor and indoor, post-processing the days work under the guideline and very exclusive Photoshop technique from the instructor.



What equipment needs to attend the course:

Full frame DSLR is preferable, the 16-35mm lens is required, (or 11-24mm). For APS-C, 11-16mm. One or more hand held flash with trigger for interior use. 24-70mm or a 50mm in your bag for standby.

A stable tripod and ball head.

Tilt-shift lens is not a must, if you have one, bring alone.


Portable computer loaded with Lightroom classic and Photoshop CC.

What you gain from the workshop; After six days under coaching, you learn all the professional skill of architecture and interiors photography, and you are capable of accepting commissions jobs from clients. Under six days shooting under the coaching, you are building a portfolio for your business website and good to starting your business.

 The Fee: USD1680 / per person. Small class limited of six persons only

What's inclusive in the fee: You're receiving instruction by renown architectural and interior photographer Paul FanMing in person, both onsite demo as well post-processing technique. Transportation between locations. Unlimited questions ask.

Not, excluded from the fee:

All meals and accommodations respond by you. Your flight to and from Kaohsiung Taiwan. All photographic gear and computing equipments. To and from hotel and airport.

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这是一个职业倍训的建筑与室内空间摄影专业实战训练, 为期六天在台湾高雄市, 由导师樊鸣透过小班与你一起实地演练, 每天更把拍摄到的题材示范后制操作. 如果你立志计划成为一位职业建筑与室内空间摄影师, 这一培训班就是你需要的.

透过六天密集的实战演练, 早上导师会作拍摄前的指导, 重点事项, 避免发生的错误, 再到现场实地拍摄, 晚上再作后制作指导与学员实作. 每班不超过六人.

参加者需有一点点摄影知识, 对操作相机(DSLR, 非傻瓜机)有一定的程度, 对Photoshop如基本工具有一定的认知, 因本课程不教授基本摄影与后制. 需要带什么摄影器材: 以全幅DSLR为最佳, 像素高低视乎个人需要并不影响学习, 镜头以 16-35mm 是拍摄室内空间的主力镜头, 24-70mm 为外景用.

手持闪光灯与同步引闪器, 一支稳重的三脚架与云台

移轴镜并不是必需品, 今天的软件在建筑物纠正功能强大, 你会学到只用一般镜头透过软件使用手段达成任务.

在六天内我们把你从一个普通的摄影师转变成一位专业的建筑与室内空间摄影师, 无论在市区繁乱的环境拍摄大厦外观, 到五星级酒店拍摄豪华客房, 豪宅, 甚至一般公寓, 无一能难到你, 导师会把他多年实战经验传授给你, 是你与导师一起透过现场实际操作学习, 理论与实际并重.


所有有关建筑与室内空间的摄影技巧与怎样开拓生意, 导师会全部传授给你, 当课程完成后你已可以接案子, 在上课时在导师指导下拍摄的作品便是你的作品可用在你的网页或微博上供客户观赏

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