The reel was my vintage works in the 90's while I having my own production house for TV commercial and music video productions.

I'm no longer directing films for decades after my career in manufacturing. Currently I'm exploding the digital DSLR video filming to pair with still photography as well time-lapse photography to achieve the motion look call ArtMotion that I named.

Please revisit the column periodically you may find some new work uploaded.

Black & White Portfolio
Ming Pond

I'm going to build up my black & white portfolio from now, once it is accumulated, a slideshow web page will be present. This photo was shot on an ice cold early morning at Ming Pond in Taiwan; camera was setup at 5am before sunrise. Canon 6D with 24-70 F/4L IS have had weather sealed to resist the cold wet weather.

Shot in WuYuan Village. Billed most beautiful village in China
Farmer's Kitchen
Old Lady
Dragon Fly
The Dragon Fly located in Tainan City, Taiwan. Shot on Canon 6D with 24-70 F/4L IS
Kimem, Taiwan

This photo is a photo-manipulation of five pictures post processing in Photoshop, all elements shot in the outer island of Kinmen Taiwan. Kinmen was the front line when Taiwan fighting with communist China way back seventy years ago, both side launch 8” guns and fire to each other, land mines bury alone Kinmen’s sea shore to avoid the communist landing, some area restrict people geting close by till today, land mines is not clear yet. The building in the picture is the tradition Kinmem architecture way back century ago, the skull to awake people it was war in the past on this soil.

All photos shot on Canon 6D paired with 16-35mm f4L IS, RAW process by Lightroom and finish in Photoshop CS6
Kimem, Taiwan
The retired C-119 transporter from Taiwan Air Force in 60', now replaced with the modern C-130.
I Shoot the alley and wait for people passing by, none of any human I can find during the shoot, the old lady was shot elsewhere and put onto the alley when post. In Kinmen it is low populated, you only find elderly or kids and can't see much youngster because most of them went to Taiwan Main Island for better prospect.
Buffalo is the workhorse to the Asian farmers, Taiwan farmers now power by motorize equipments like tractor. I visit a small oyster farm in middle of Taiwan name FenYuen, the oyster farmer no longer need the buffalo to pull the heavy oyster cell to shore, now the buffalo pulling woodern carriage for tourist ride and they're the pet of the oyster farmers, they live well and never get over worked.
Photograph Taiwan

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